Patty Andes, B.S.N.

Patty considers it an honor to be trusted with your heart and soul while supporting you with your healing and spiritual needs. She integrates 20+ years of clinical nursing and leadership experience with many hours of training in Healing Touch, Reiki, Soul Lightening Acupressure and Soul Coaching to partner with each client for their spiritual healing. She is guided by Spirit, Archangels, guides and immense life experience to prepare a safe sanctuary for you to rest, relax and release all that no longer serves you in the present moment.

Every person, along with the world around us, is in a constant state of change and energetic evolution, shifting our energy in the process. Patty adjusts her approach as the energy shifts around her clients. No two sessions are ever the same as there is no one specific process that will fit all your needs.  Each person receiving healing energy leaves with a feeling of love and coherence, and a little homework to keep those spiritual vibrations flowing.

Patty strongly believes we are here to be light; bringing out the Spirit-colors in the world. We are born light-bearers; not to hide our light under a bushel, not to conceal our talents, but to shine for all to see! Her wish is to shine her light on all who are in need and bring love and healing to the world. Patty wants each of her clients to achieve heart and soul healing along with feeling a sense of self-love and acceptance every moment of every day.




Patty is so awesome! She was very perceptive when performing reiki on me and felt resistance when she got to my heart chakra. She won’t know this until she reads it but I was consciously aware of my heart being blocked. I was holding fear and very guarded. After a few deep breaths, I was able to release my fear and Patty instantly felt a difference. Patty is a wonderful healer, very gifted, and such a warm and kind person.

Shar Goolsby



Every new moon, we take a moment to consider how we live, release what does not serve us and identify what we can intentionally do to live a better life. Gathering for the new moon is a symbol of sacred sisterhood, an ancient tradition used to awaken the divine feminine. Join us as we create space to manifest our deepest intentions through mantras, meditation and affirmations. Bring something to place on the altar while we clear space and bring in new intentions for the month ahead! Fee: $25

Join me for monthly workshops that will keep you balanced, mindful and connected to your spiritual center.

Reiki Shares: 2nd Wednesday (7-9pm) and 4th Sunday (2:30-5pm)

Join me Wednesdays and Sundays to quiet your mind with a guided meditation that allows you to become fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical body and environment. We end our time together each week with an engaging group discussion as we set intentions for the week to follow. - FREE

Heart Art - Every 4th Wednesday, 7:00-9:00 pm 

Art tells the story of who you are and what you do in life using various mediums. You can use paint, pencils, crayons, pastels, clay, fabrics, nature - the options are endless. You will find art can be a method to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, build self-awareness and look at the quiet spaces of your life. Art can help soothe any fears or worries you may have. Open your heart and come explore your inner creativity with me!  Fee: $25

New Moon Circle - Monthly on or near the New Moon

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